One of Those Days

There are some days when nothing goes right, days when all you want to do is cry. The day when all your friends ditch you, get new ones. Today, I realized I don’t even want to be her (code: mad) friend anymore, so why run in a race I don’t want to win? Mad acts like I’m unimportant to her, and treats everyone like they are second to her best. Who wants to be number two in a relationship that’s meant to be equal? Everyone always gives all this hype about women’s rights and how we were all created equal, and take advantage of the benefits of that. But then we treat people like they aren’t equal, like they are not as good as us. What is that? Since when is friendship a competition? I feel like most of my friendships are this way. I miss the way it used to be, but I have to let go of impossibility, for you can’t replicate the past, only move on for the future.


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