You know, being single isn’t what bites. Honestly, relationships can be distracting, and sometimes you lose people when you date someone because of how much attention they require. I do miss the text from someone everyday asking how my day was, and the shot of electricity that went through me everytime he made me smile. But even these things mean nothing to me, because of the break up. Missing is part of moving on. Being single isn’t bad until I see a movie or watch a relationship on tumblr (Jarod and Savannah) and realize how badly I want that: someone who catches me when I jump in their arms, who kisses me and loves me, who will have pillow fights with me, who makes me laugh when I want to cry, and who lets me know they like me, not the other way around. I want a guy who has the guts to put it all out there because he doesn’t want the chance to go by and I’m with someone else. I’m fine with being focused on school, I’m fine with fixing all of my friendships, but when it comes down to it, I’m not fine at all. I’m lonely. And all I want is someone to hold me.

If I fall for you, would you fall too?


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