The Naked Truth

People are more and more beginning to wear less and less. The most fashionable clothes have less material and more dips toward the chest. Sex is nothing but a physical activity after (or in some cases during) a party, or a night at the bar. Yet people act as if it is the most important thing that humans do. But let’s think about it. Sex is done by lots of things other than humans, even disgusting things like slugs. If slugs are doing sex and making it the climax of their life, why on earth would we, humans, the clearly dominant of the two, do the same and call it love? Love is to be special and meaningful. Love is waking up to a two am phone call without grumbling. Love is talking into the night, knowing you’ll suffer consequences but it was worth it for the time spent together. Love is kissing slowly with linguring questions on your lips rather than quick, passionate impulses. Love is an old couple sitting on a porch in rocking chairs silently, side by side til the end. Love is falling for someone even when they have nothing to offer you, because it doesn’t matter. Love is listening to the words coming out of a person’s mind, absorbing every thought and fact and remembering them, counting them as more important then yourself. Love is dying for someone. That’s what is important-not sex. I’m not saying stay a virgin for the rest of your life. Sex is great, there is no denying that. All I’m saying is do that with someone you love, not lust. Because the truth is, being naked is showing someone your soul, sharing your thoughts, fears, failures, future plans, hopes and dreams. Find someone who you can truly be naked with.


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