Trust Issues

And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everybody else does too.

It was hard to be honest, to open up, and reveal something that sounded crazy. Because once you told someone the truth, that person had a piece of you-and they could belittle it, destroy it. They could turn your confession into a wound that never healed.

“What’s depression like?” he whispered. “It’s like drowning. Except you can see everyone around you breathing.”

Silly girl. What made you think the boy who doesn’t care about anything would care about you?

I think I am just one of those people no one thinks twice about leaving behind.

Life is too short to live with regrets; love the people who treat you right and forget the ones who don’t.

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people do.

She was like the moon-part of her was always hidden away.

Sometimes you have to accept that some people only enter your life as a temporary happiness.

All of these quotes or sayings talk about trust or lack of it in some way. I have always been explicit in my talk-not cussing necissarily, but honest and too truthful no matter who it is. I realize the lack of self control and the greatness of my folly… I should keep certain things to myself, and I should limit who I trust. A secret is a piece of me, and when I tell that to more then one person, that gives them power and stretches me out. Maybe someday I will tell someone all my secrets, wishes, and dreams and have them hold them in their heart like easter eggs in a basket, fragile and protected by grass. But until then, I’m going to work on myself and keeping things to myself. I have trust issues now, and I want them.


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