The reason why people fall in love, follow a religion, or fight back is that people in general are searching for a purpose. Purpose: the reason for which something exists. The reason we are made is up to us. Do you want to grow up, go to college, get a job and spouse, kids, and then die? Is that really all you want? There is SO much more than that. The beauty of the world is breath-taking if people would just experience it. Look at the sunset and the beautiful aray of colors. See the tiny butterflies and their beauty, remembering how finite their lives are. Focusing so much on yourself and where you’re going or what you’ll do next is selfish and narrow minded. Think about this: every person you see at the store, on the subway, or on the street has a story, a past they haven’t shared, a secret kept hidden away. Just hustling and bustling by and not taking the time to know people or the world is worthless. Are you living or existing?

Think about it.


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