For What You Believe In

I sit here observing like the understanding young child on a school trip to the zoo. Left behind often because of his or her’s fascination with the animals. I am watching you in a sea of water you call Troubles, and Troubles is a total depth of one inch, yet you stammer and sputter and gasp and weez, unable to breath. Why do you think this is? You have one problem that seems to sink you. I am not one to judge, but this simple problem seems fabricated in your head to be an ocean instead of a puddle, and I would save you if I could. But there comes a day to stop believing in Prince Charming and the Knight, and stand up and prepare to fight the Dragon yourself. All you have to do is stand up. The simplest things in life are never the easiest or seem like the answer at the time. But trust me, as someone watching your temperment fade in the overpowering face of depression, I believe you can stand and save yourself. So stand, look back at the puddle you thought was an ocean, laugh, and walk out of that cage that is in the zoo and come on the outside where the free people are.


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