Long gone.

I woke up one day with a determination that I shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t think of you. I smile and sing and dance as I get ready and begin to do my normal things of the morning, picking out my cutest outfit. I go to that party and meet a few boys. I drink just a bit too much and kiss one. I go home that night with the taste of him on my now smiling lips. I wake up to a call from the boy who’s name I have now forgotten and am reminded of something else instead. I do not like this boy. He is not too bright, too cool, and he doesn’t appreciate me for me. I make a few excuses and promises I don’t mean. ‘I’ll call you later.’ is all I can say. I fall into my bed and am instantly and forcefully reminded of what was foolish to attempt to forget. The smell of April rain and new beginnings during our first kiss, the feel of wet tears and sound of our screams during that awful first fight, our bodies pressed together for the first time on that beautiful day in July. I realize that no one else is like you or us or our relationship. I can’t and won’t forget about you. I whisper to my lost, broken self “I miss you.” I scream across the oceans with no reply. I’ll wait here for you.

So baby, please come back.


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