Dreaming to be Alice

I look down when I run. I don’t go all out; I look to make sure I won’t trip. I think when I “fall in love” or like someone, I do the same thing. I like them, sure, but I don’t freely love them, neglecting their flaws and mistakes. I look a glance ahead at them, see how great they could be and look right down again, waiting for a stick or obstacle to enter our path. When one inevitably comes, I don’t jump over the obstacle. Instead I end it quickly, no longer wanting this imperfect path. I fail to realize that people aren’t as perfect as I esteem them to be. There is no perfect path or person or relationship. There is only two imperfect people making there way on an imperfect path together through this imperfect world. The world of imperfection, while broken, is beautiful in it’s brokenness. I will try harder to do this instead of staring at the ground, looking for flaws because one day I’m not going to walk into love, I’m going to fall quickly, unexpectedly, and lovely. I don’t want to be worried about the lack of control I have, or the mistakes that could be made. I want to love the fall into the rabbit hole of another world others call Love.


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