Greener On The Other Side

Week 1

I walked down the quite street with a grin on my face. Today was the day. I’m not sure what day, or what time, or what ‘the day’ even meant. But I was going to seize the day and make it mine. If I failed, I’d do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. I believed in goodness and I believed in smiles and I believed in people.

Week 2

I asked the guy from the snow cone stand out. He said no, that’s not the way it works here. I smiled, not as bright, with a slightly dimmed light, but I still smiled and said okay. I wasn’t sad, not too much, just a little disappointed. But that’s okay, I will seize the day still! I’ll go and have my own fun.

Week 3

I am bored, and alone. I miss having friends; I lost them when I moved here. The people here don’t like smiling or seizing the day. People here just get by; people here like their space; people here don’t like people from there. I still smile, sing, and laugh. But I do all these things alone.

Week 4

I’ve tried. I asked many people to go out skating or to a movie, or just to go get coffee. The response was always ‘No, i’m sorry, I’m just busy.’ Are people always busy? I’d rather live my life being free and spending time with others than always being apologetic about my own busyness. The problem with trying, I’ve discovered, is you always fail, and failing gets tiring.

Week 5

I’ve gone home. It was better where I was from.


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