Pining Away For Love

My mind starts to form a picture, a vague canvass of art

You goofing around, trying to be cool; me smiling, trying to be smart

Us now, you and me, me and you,

Going out to the ocean blue

Down with an anchor pulling me to the bottom of the shore,

Never worrying if we could drown, just wanting more and more

Of each other, of this undying love, this careless freeing feel

No one better than the other, none forced to kneel

Equal in every way, mutually in hopelessness that feels like wings

Giving me a heart that can do nothing but sing

While we sit here at the bottom of the ocean, tied to an anchor, oxygen gone

I smile over at you across from me, wave, open my mouth to sing the last song:

Come with me, my love, to the sea, the Sea of Love

I wanna tell you how much I love you.


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