Second Guessing

You’re such a great guy, really, it’s true.

Holding all the doors, and holding my hand too

Scooting closer as the room gets dark,

Slipping your arm around me, my heart singing like a lark.

Or is it truly singing? Am I really all that happy?

My mind feels fine, none of my thoughts are sappy.

My focus never drifts to you, not really, I think of me,

Of me sitting, not with you, but alone.

It’s not so bad, none too sad, being ice cream without a cone

I guess I always loved you, not you in particular, but the thought

I’m not in school, but this is definitely a lesson I’m being taught

You can’t force love. Maybe you can make them like you

But, I’m telling you, no really, don’t try, it’s true

Never can you make yourself, your heart, your mind,

Fall for someone just because they seem to be your kind.

“Just because she loves the same bizarro crap you do, doesn’t mean she’s your soul mate”


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