Hopelessly Out Of Love With You

He kissed her softly. The question of the kiss hung in the air for a short time. For a long time. Until finally she looked down and cried. She sobbed her answer over and over, apologizing for the inconvenience of her sadness.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

With a big sniff, a wipe of the eyes, and a straigtening of the back, she stepped back from his embrace and said with a straight expression: “I just really wanted my happy ending. I wanted a love saga that never ends,” snot came out of her nose, she wiped it away, disgusted with herself, “but the truth is that you aren’t it. I can’t find my happiness in you. You are so superficial. I can’t be honest with you, I can’t ask you stupid questions, I can barely cry in front of you. The truth of the matter is that you may be prince charming, but I’m not your princess.”

The same moment she wiped the snot from her face, he realized he loved her.

At the same moment he realized this, she realized she didn’t even love herself.


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