First Kiss Blues

So she goes to the ball right? And she sees like this super hot prince dude, named.. I don’t know Prince Charming or something. And he takes her by the hand and sweeps her off her feet and she’s all happy because no one ever notices the maid girl. She gets to laughing and having fun, and suddenly he kisses her. She’s so stoked. The bell chimes, once, twice, twelve times, and suddenly she pulls away. She’s late! She runs home and as her charriot turns into a pumpkin, her gown into rags, and her horses back into her mice friend, she thinks of her remaining shoe and shrugs. The next morning she wakes up to her step mother screaming for her to clean up the rug. Thinking back to the night before seems like a dream, and she can barely remember the quick kiss. She tries to think why she kissed him, if she should of, what was she thinking. All is forgotten, and she can’t understand why she thought the girl who wears rags could kiss the man who owns riches. She cries for lack of understanding, then goes back to her old identity, feeling lost in the old place. She feels like that lost and forgotten shoe on the stairs: forever will it be a half instead of a whole.


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