Sitting Alone On The Rocks

Sitting on the ocean beach,

I watch a wave as it begins to teach

A young child what it means to swim.

I decide to get up and run on a whim,

I desire to run deep down in the sea,

to keep going deeper until I can be

What everyone wants but doesn’t claim,

For no one wants to be different; yet no one wants to be the same

I want to draw men in with song,

Make a melody so they have to sing along,

Wear my hair long and wavy down my back,

Make my face radiant so there’s nothing I lack,

I want to be beautiful so I draw you in,

Is it so wrong to want you, is it a sin?

I no longer want to be independent or on my own,

But I also don’t want to wait around for you to throw me a bone,

I don’t want to be sitting and rusting like strong iron,

I simply want to sing my love song to you like a siren.


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