The Siren’s Song

There once was a legend that said that the best way for sailors to be sure of a safe voyage was for them to bribe the mermaids with books. The most strategic mariners would offer a selection of first books in a number of series as insurance for a safe journey. Here is one of the cries of a mermaid in response to this: Come, Oh Sailor, to the sea. Come share with me some more of your stories from those printed pages you call books. Tell me some more of the love stories, of the adventures, of the dragons and princes, of the knights and their ladies fair. Please come to me and share some knowledge in exchange for a kiss. I know you want a safe journey, and I know you will shortly leave me. But let’s enjoy this while it lasts. Come to the desperate young mermaid who dreams only of a pair of legs to walk, dance, jump, and fall on. Young Sailor, I desire you to come to me tonight. Just for tonight, let’s forget the odds against us and pray to Poseidon so we can be together. Oh lover, I beacon you to come with me to the sea of love.


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