Helios & Luna

“Tell me the story

About how the sun

loved the moon so much

he died every night

to let her breathe.”

Once upon a time, there was a man named Helios. He was radiant beyond belief, and everyone depended on him. He could have fallen for any of the lovers after him, but he fell for an odd one. She often hid part of herself away and made herself scarce, but sometimes she would be full and happy. He loved her dynamic nature, and soon fell for her. He found that they could not always come together, however. They spent the beginning of their love trying to find a way to be together. He almost said it was not meant to be, but she cried out that distance was okay, that they would be together some days. So he agreed and decided that he would lay down his life of radiance for his love, Luna, to shine. She could not do so while he was out and living, but when he laid down for her, she shone bright and big. She still hid part of the time, but she gradually became whole again, only to shrink back yet again. Luna was in love with Helios, and Helios was in love with Luna. And with a love like that, something is bound to bring them together. They had two children, Solar and Lunar, and their last name was Eclipse.

That, my darling, is how the sun fell in love with the moon so much that he lays down his life each night in order for her to come out for a while and breathe.


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