Please Fly Me To The Moon

Don’t tell me we can’t do it, just tell me we will. Tell me we are together forever, that we will travel the world. Whisper stories in my ear of our lives together. Tell me all about the day you convince me to marry you and the day we have our twin babies. Tell me about the time we danced in the street, and the time we jumped from the plane together. Tell me about our first kiss and our first time to make love. Tell me we will never end, tell me we belong together. Don’t tell me I’m Juliet and you’re Romeo, for they died too quickly, and I selfishly want to spend a lifetime with you. Don’t tell me we will break off and go back to our seperate lives, for I’ve found my missing piece in you. I don’t want to know that these things never last, and I don’t want to know that we will never have a baby and you won’t chase me down just to give me a white daisy for you know it is my favorite. Don’t, just please don’t, end this fantasy I’ve created for us. Instead tell me of endless skies and spin away at that web of lies, for I’d rather have the web then nothing at all. Don’t tell me you are only an almost lover.

Please, please, stay.


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