Whispers of Doubt

The mask I wear.

The whispered dreams at night.

The long scars and small tears.

The shadow hidden and out of sight.

What I am on the outside, middle, inside,

Which one is real, which do I hide?

I truly can’t find my shadow because it too leaves me, and without it I can’t find who I am. I am lost and found at the same time. I’m happy mostly, but occasionally a terrible sadness comes and sweeps all that joy into it’s stomach and all that is surrounding me is darkness.

Darkness, darkness everywhere,

It stays in my clothes and plays with my hair,

I can’t escape it, I can’t find the light,

This tunnel is too long and I can no longer fight.

I’m swallowed whole, down, down, I go,

Where is the light? It seems to be traveling slow.

The darkness and sadness can be tempting sometimes, because then I feel like I’m truly me. But everyone fights, everyone battles. The strongest survive. Despite the whispers of insecruity, I am strong, incredible, beautiful, and I will make it out of the darkness.

Come on little fighter, things will get brighter.


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