Working Hard

Inching forward, leaning slightly to the right,

Lowering my eyelids, and you slide out of sight,

Your lips brush mine softly, gently, and leave,

What? Is this a game to you? Don’t be a tease.

Why did you decide to wait for my lips anyway?

What about when we dated and you didn’t know what to say?

I wish I understood what it means to be in love,

To forget all your worries and fly far above,

But it seems I have not found that answer on my path,

So I’ll continue to search for it in each and every laugh,

On the long nights of gasping, sobbing, shoulder crying,

The disappointments, the fights, the deep sighing,

In each of these situations I’ll remember the adventure that is life,

And be happier and happier for the uphill battle and strife.


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