The Secret Garden

Look bro, here’s the thing. You say you like me right? What if that’s not really me? I’ve built a wall around me recently. I decorated my wall prettily, making every nook and cranny beautiful so no one could tell. You will never see the inside of my garden, with it’s weeds and broken swings and pretty flowers smushed. I think this is why I can’t like you. I can’t like someone who only likes what is on the outside. I should not have let you kiss me, and I apologize. But please understand, please come to the realization that it is not me you want at all, but some imaginative figure who appears to be me, yet is not. You have not seen the true me behind the wall I’ve built, and you never will. This wall stands strong, and it is not easy to break it down. I’ll continue to hide inside broken and bent, while my wall does the imitation of me, strong and beautiful. I both pray for and dread the day someone tears down my wall and comes and sits next to me in the debris and says they think this side is beautiful too.


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