If the shoe fits…

How completely idiotic of me, 

To be kissed for the first time in a tree, 

The story goes perfectly along, 

With the children’s nursery song, 

Blah and Blah, sitting in a tree, 

K-I-SS-I-N-G, ect, ect. 

The funny thing is how thoughtless I was, 

I did at one point say Why? but all he said was because, 

I don’t really know what i was doing or why then, 

We weren’t dating, and I definitely wouldn’t call him a friend,

I guess it is not the first kiss that matters, alas,

But the one you share on the day which will be your last 

The kiss was tainted with problems and tears, 

And shortly after with the sharp acid taste of beer, 

I can’t quite put my finger on the moment i knew, 

Let’s put it this way; if I’m cinderella, that’s not the right shoe. 


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