Branch Out

It is common knowledge that Princesses are associated with towers, 

Waiting, sighing, crying, whining, pining away for men with flowers, 

And shining knights to come and fight the awful dragons of their past, 

To come and convince them that something called Love will last. 

It is common knowledge that the damsel in distress is waiting for a hero, 

That she needs the man to come and save her to not feel like a zero, 

And when he comes sweeping in with big, beefy arms and a bright red cape, 

He’ll wrap his arms around her, not saying a word, kissing her to seal their fate. 

It’s common knowledge that young ladies always are pining for a gentlemen, 

The unlucky ladies do not know the rarity of such a specimen, 

And therefore remain whining and crying and pining away in that lonely tower, 

Needing to fight their own dragons, conquer their own fears, and forget about flowers. 

For flowers are weak, fleeting, with petals that break away, 

And courage is a beauty that is kept inside, forever to stay. 



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