It is funny isn’t it? I always believed in fairy tales and loved the story and the idea of being loved. But I didn’t think any Noah Calhoun’s or Prince Eric’s were walking around in reality with the rest of us. I only ever heard about the Gastaun’s who treated young princess’s like dirt and had huge egos. When a beauty would cry over such guys, guys who hurt her, I’d be the cheerleader listening and patting backs and hugs and holding tissues, all the while saying how she was too good for this, how the guy was stupid to treat her that way and didn’t deserve her, to walk away. I explained how there would be a guy who treated her right. To be honest though, I wasn’t a big believer in good guys. I mean I had hope I suppose but I didn’t ever experience that perfect guy. I didn’t think that a guy would exist and even if he did he Surely wasn’t going to want me. But fate and coincidence somehow worked together and presented to me the most unlikely guy, who happened to be the perfect guy for me. From flowers to coffee to kissing to laughing and teasing, every moment has been a dream. I am now a confident believer in love.


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