If the two of us had met one quite, busy day in the pouring rain, 

Would our love have developed? Would we be the same? 

Running, bustling, in a hurry, would we have stopped to chat? 

Would you be sweet and charming? Would I be a brat? 

Next to a coffee shop, we could go in until they close, 

Being in college we could talk about what majors we chose, 

Laughing, talking, no where left to go, would you walk me home? 

while I’m not looking, would you put your number in my phone? 

Would I fall in love so quickly, like I did while we’re still so young? 

Could we go out with no limitations or expectations, could we have fun?

Would we still promise forever, would we still believe in us? 

We wouldn’t have the worry, we wouldn’t need to fuss, 

College could be, would be long behind the two of us, 

Nothing left to stop it; if I fell, would you pick me up? 


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