Today I choose to believe in me. When you’re a kid, you depend on other people to hold you up, to tell you you’re beautiful, you’re loved. A lot of times it helps you and you feel better, and you believe in them. But what about when the rest of the world pushes you down and says you’re no good? What then? What about when momma is too worried about the bills to tell you you’re pretty, and daddy doesn’t come home anymore, and your friends push you down and tell you you’re ugly? Psalms 139 is where I turn, telling me I’m pretty and beautiful and loved. God gives me the confidence I lack, making me rephrase my question. Instead of saying why am I not good enough, I’ll say when will everyone else see what You already know? Today, today, I believe. No boys will be the ones who convince me, no physical connection, no momentary passion will give me self esteem. No, only You.

I believe in You, and because of that, I believe in me.


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