Goodbye, Hello: The Transformation

I lost myself in your eyes. The ocean mist surrounding your pupils swallowed me and transformed me into a girl who is no longer a loner, but a lover of life. I easily fell in love with you, the same way two hands find each other unconsciously. There is no piece of me that you don’t know. There is nothing you could do to end this love I feel for you. I willingly jumped into that greenish blue and when I came out again I was fresh and new. I feel most like me when I am with you. I’ve waved farewell to what I used to be and found myself wholly in you. It is hard for me to imagine going any amount of time being no longer part of we, going back to just a me. I can’t figure out an exact day I knew, but I have found slowly and all at once that you are the one I’m meant to be with.


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