One day I woke up and figured out that I didn’t care about you, or the stupid, insecure things you threw my way. I stopped caring about the way you laughed at my heels and my hair. I just don’t mind what you think anymore.

One day, I woke up and figured out I’m in love with you, and nothing else seemed to matter.

One day I realized how badly I treat you, and how that needs to change. I realized saying I love you is not just a phrase but a commitment. I apologize.

One day, I realized this little body of mine is all I’ve got. I was fearfully and beautifully made, and it’s time I believed it. Make-up or no make-up, I am beautiful.

One day, I figured out what Your love truly means, and I want to continue to live in these revelations You give me. Guide me and my path. You do not need me. You are all sufficient. It is me who needs You.


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