The Boardwalk

The boardwalk stands before me. Staring straight ahead lost in thought, I find pink and yellow rays and bands wrapped against fluffy white clouds as the sun begins it’s descent. The hope of it stuns me in my stupor of thought and reflection. The sun’ll come out, tomorrow. Annie sings he song on loop in my head as I find myself running, running to the end of the boardwalk. Out of breath and elated, I find my bare feet hanging over the edge, begging to jump off. What’s stopping you? I ask myself. The grin and free feeling course through my veins, convincing me of ridiculous notions. Why couldn’t I cross the ocean? Why couldn’t I sprout fins and sing a song, becoming a siren? What would be so wrong about diving deep, deep down and never coming back up. But then my eyes again meet the sunset, and I choose to stay and change my reality and purpose. I was made to love, and I will not give up.


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