Music Madness

I am a kaleidoscope of music. As I grow older more depth is added to my color. My first layers were 90s songs I barely heard but can remember. Then I added on pop and rap music where I found my niche. Yet, it wasn’t for me to love, so I dove into the depths and found music most people don’t ever find, like the Smiths. Then I kept searching and listening and found Noah and The Whale. I have my chill out days and my weak days, when I turn on the slow anthems of Lana Del Rey. But I don’t always have slow days; some days I need a reason to scream so I pump up blink 182 and sing about first dates and how our parents can’t change us and put I miss you on repeat. There are times when I just wanna cry, and that’s when Kimya Dawson and the moldy peaches comes on because she is the first alternative band I found; she is home.
I have fallen deeply in love with music and have an appreciation I cannot explain for it.


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