The Father v. my father

Before I was born You searched me and knew me.

He didn’t want me.

In the womb you knit me together and created me whole and complete, knowing I would sin yet loving me with the Love that gives life.

He told my mom to kill me, and when she didn’t he left.

Your one promise is you will always be there for me Jesus. Always. I am the prodigal daughter returned to her glorious King.

He left.

You have always placed me as your bride, the Church. Loving unconditionally.

He came back, yet with a wife who saw me as a life size doll.

What happens when the doll grows up and she’s not perfect anymore?

Parenting is not just a 6 year Committment. It’s a lifetime Commitment.

Don’t leave me.

Wait… I look around and all I see is white snow rifts. I open my eyes from my dream and see a vast ocean. I look up on the beach at night and notice the infinite galaxies.

I was here by myself the whole time, yet was always held by my Jesus.


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