I am rich in life, and that is all the richness I have ever had need of.

“You must be successful. Go where you will succeed. Opportunities abound there; you will inevitably succeed there.”

But to what end? What is success anyhow? To grow up, marry a nice boy, get a mediocre 9-5 job and have a upper middle class family? Perhaps two kids, a boy and a girl? A white picket fence and a house on a hill?

This description is the American Dream.

a) the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame
b) the correct or desired result of an attempt
c) favorable or desired outcome

Now just by looking at the first definition, I cannot view it as a valid defining of success. Wealth, respect, and fame do not mark success. Wealth can be seen as success, however it is not in itself the defining factor. Respect can be given in all forms, and it can be seen as success. However, some people get respect when it is not deserved, and that isn’t success. Fame is never ever ever a marker of success for me.

No. The correct definition has to be the third one. Favored or desired outcome. I believe the desired outcome is to matter to people in somehow or someway. And not to matter to people in the sense of fame. But to be a different to them, and to reach out to them and whisper you matter. That is success. Change.

Therefore, I conclude, as I have previously stated, that the opportunities abounding are irrelevant because that is not the kind of success I am speaking of. I wish to move towards a drama of life. Of work. Of love. Of change.

I will succeed only if I am rich

No no, no my friend. I contest that I will fail only if I value the amount in my bank account. Instead I will value the amount of smiles and connections I make a day. I will value the One who created us. And who gives us ultimate value.



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