I, You, and Us

I wake up and run outside to breathe in the morning air and catch the beginning rays of the sun. 

I rush back inside at 530 and jump in the warm shower to wash away the night time sleepiness.

I get my phone to text you. I am about to send “GOOD MORNING HANDSOME!”

But. I don’t. 

I put my phone down and walk over to my closet to get dressed.

I go back in bed. 

I lay there. 

I don’t get up. 

I get sad. 

I realize you must have left already. 

I close my eyes. 

I begin to cry

Less than a minute later you walk back into my room.

You sit next to me.

I stop crying. 


I thought you had left

You stayed, and promised me forever. .

I’ll never ever leave your side. 

I mean it.

You said. 

You meant it. 



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