In love

Slowly, slowly breathe. 

I trace the outline of your scrawny hips and listen to your breathe as you sleep beside me. I can’t imagine being anywhere else half as content. The weight of your sleepy frame is sweet and dream like. I can never sleep with your body next to me out of fear I will miss something. Shh, sleep now. Sleep peacefully now. 

You whisper mutterings in your angelic sleep state and I turn to your face and trace your lips. I think that you won’t notice if I move, yet even the slightest motion makes you hold on to me that much tighter. 

As you sleep, I think about the Odyssey. Not the ancient novel of long ago, but the progression of every human being. I think about how the people next to me on the subway are going through their own expeditions and adventures and pitfalls as I sit thinking of myself. Mostly though, I think about how I have changed to be a better person through my relationship with you. You have changed as well. The Sk8er Boi you used to be has turned into my sweet innocent boyfriend. I am no longer the sarcastic witty brat but am growing in the wisdom of the Lord everyday. I am also no longer the lonely, broken girl who screamed to anyone who asked that she would never get married. Instead I am the crazy in love girl who pledges herself to you. The concept of us baffles me. We are just two kids who love Jesus with all our hearts and found each other. You are all I’ve ever thought about wanting.

I finish up thinking of change and metamorphisis just as you open your ocean sea green eyes and smile sweetly at me with your left front tooth chipped and whisper I love you in a scratchy voice. I don’t doubt I made the right choice. I never will. You are the only man for me.   


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