Dirty Rags

Laughing, talking, enjoying each other,

Not realizing I had found a new lover,

Offering smoothly to walk me home,

Agreeing, without realizing we were alone.

As we trudged down a path familiar,

I had a feeling very peculiar.

I realized I did not truly like your person,

My heart was not exactly bursting.

I did not like the you in front of me

But only the you I wished you could be.

As you casually gesture and ask to enter,

I am taken back for a moment, then centered.

I consent and we enter together

I have let the beast take my feather.

All of this is a heavy reminder the morning after

Of the boy who I truly loved and who could see

Yet that was long ago, a different time, a different me.

Long ago I lost the cleanliness of my rags.


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