The Missing Link

I searched all the earth for my missing piece, only to feel like more of me was missing,
It has not mattered how many adventures or long, beautiful nights of kissing,
The desire for love, for adventure, for experience and ultimately Joy
Has never left me, has never abandoned me, like a persistent little boy.
However, I have come to see, long ago, that the journey is what I desire
Since the obtainment of the thing itself will not quench my fire.
All of this reveals to me, that I am collecting pieces all along,
Of the final battle, the Lost Love, the ultimate adventure; the eternal song,
Rebellion, acceptance, love, adventure, rest, joy all remain in the One,
We are all going on a path towards a specific destination,
I will seek to live and search out beauty in all of its nutrition.
To conclude, to make complete, to draw to an end,
A life of art, beauty, music, and literature is a pursuit of my friend.

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