Smitten, Crazy, and Odd

“How funny those humans are,” said the mouse to mad hatter,

“They throw around the word I love you, making it a lie fatter and fatter,

But then one day they meet the one they truly love and admire,

Yet they are afraid that the one they love will soon of them be tire.”

“Of this, you are very true,” said the hatter in response to the mouse,

“Yes, they have a funny way about them. Yet for all of their oddities and falls,

They have a aurau, a bubble, a giddy smiles, a way that makes you call.”

He said all of this as he stared at the young Alice, wondering what he could ever do to matter.

“Yes, love is a funny word indeed used by those mad humans,” said the wise mouse to the smitten hatter.


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