Why Tumblr Cries Out

One of my favorite passive activities is to browse Tumblr. I am on Tumblr almost every single day. The mind numbing quality of it is as enjoyable as a good Netflix marathon and as fulfilling as a piece of cake for me. However, when I am on Tumblr in order to get inspiration, what I often see are quotes, poems, and pictures that depict what I can only call a cry for help from the adolescents in our culture.

The quotes are often about feeling invisible and lost in this huge world. The teenagers are feeling like no one can see them and certainly no one cares. The beauty of the Tumblr community is the encouragement to carry on that Tumblrites attempt to give one another.

Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem describes “Communicable” attributes, or attributes that can be shared. Tumblr is a mission feeling that has not yet been tapped. Recently, I received my first comment on my tumblr blog (IM FAMOUS I KNOW). It mentioned that the blog was encouraging and a light into the darkness that consumed this unknown bloggers life. I am humbled, but I am also encouraged myself. I will continue to be encouraging, and slip Jesus in between the lines of brokenness in order to fill the cracks.

We are given our desires and little joys for a reason. I will be using my joy for Tumblrites to show teenagers that the world is not a lost cause, and they are not alone in feeling, well, alone. There are people out there sharing how they really feel, if to no one else, the world of Tumblr.


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