What does it mean to be a woman?

In the 1950s, the emphasis was on being a caring wife, a wonderful mother, and a dutiful homemaker. The perfect woman was not one quick to argue, but a woman of acknowledge the wisdom in her husband’s commands. A woman worth looking up to was not one of much education, but of much poise and a clean home.

What was not commonly spoke of was the depression that these housewives experienced. With reformed twenty first centruy thinking, we are all too aware of the imperfections of the 1950s ideal of a woman and impossibility of family life. While this can be an advancement in society and we may pride ourselves in it, there is a degree to which we are not finished. As the saying goes, we have come so far, but we  have so far to go.

In today’s society, it is expected of a woman to be balanced, educated, and passionate. The external embodiment of these is the action of being a mother and wife, of having a career, and following a dream. When looking at ourselves, we women always want more of something. We want to be better mothers, better wives, better workers, and better artists.

The problem of perfectionism has not gone away. The problem of perfectionism is just found in other muses. The need to be perfect used to be about the home and about the children and about being the perfect wife. Now we want to be an amazing friend, a spiritually wise person, and a passionate follower of our dream. The reality we often face is crushing, just like the 1950s woman.

There is no such thing as the balanced woman. We, as women, will have to handle our perfectionist spirit. Let us learn to water only the gardens that we care to invest in.

These are all the things I wish to do/be/become before I die:

Woman of God (I am)









Go to my tumblr page and there is so much more!

I am praying that I become content with the women I am and slowly add to my repertoire. I am okay with, write now, being the woman I am as I work on one thing at a time.


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