Beauty is lying next to someone and laughing hard and loud in the dark. 

Friendship is watching a film you both enjoy over again, just to get back a glimpse of what made you love it the first time. 

Love is two who become one on a night set apart by celebration and cheers and laughs and a set of rings and all of it has an undertone of commitment for a lifetime. 

Purity is finding the one whom your soul loves and craving indulgence yet refraining out of recognition of a greater Love from the Father above. 


Why I’m…

Because curse words are over rated and overused at the same time. 

Because college is a mystery that is unexplainable

Because music completes me

Because rain is a beautiful rhythm tap, tap, tapping out its love for the world

Because the sun warms us all yet gives us melanoma

Because cancer sucks

Because the moon comes out to shine for us every night

Because love covers all sins like a blanket at a bonfire with laughing friends

Because the love of my life is too far away tonight