In Threes

There are times when my chest and lungs and heart are so full of love and longing and song lyrics that it feels hard to breathe or function or live.

It is in these precious moments that I most need a hug, a kiss, or a cuddle session.

Long distance is my current enemy, at the top of my hit list, my cosmic opposite.

I am in love with you.

Come home.

I, You, and Us

I wake up and run outside to breathe in the morning air and catch the beginning rays of the sun. 

I rush back inside at 530 and jump in the warm shower to wash away the night time sleepiness.

I get my phone to text you. I am about to send “GOOD MORNING HANDSOME!”

But. I don’t. 

I put my phone down and walk over to my closet to get dressed.

I go back in bed. 

I lay there. 

I don’t get up. 

I get sad. 

I realize you must have left already. 

I close my eyes. 

I begin to cry

Less than a minute later you walk back into my room.

You sit next to me.

I stop crying. 


I thought you had left

You stayed, and promised me forever. .

I’ll never ever leave your side. 

I mean it.

You said. 

You meant it.