Human Nature: America

We grew up on Disney Channel and our role models told us to “follow our hearts” and “be true to who we really were.”

And yet they wonder why our culture is spiraling into Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. 

When we all convince ourselves, oh so willingly, that we can do as we please and love how we want and hate who we want and throw it all on relativism, it is a big mess of Ubermensch. We all can be overcomers right? Overcomers of parents, overcomers of rules, overcomers of everything that does not “apply to me.” 


How do you apply that to the young girl who is suddenly in prison for killing who she wanted, since she decided to buy it to nihilism? Do you explain to her that society has rules? Girls are smarter than you think and she will be quick to quip back that she is in charge of her own destiny, the captain of her own soul, so why should she buy it to someone else’s rules? 

We all grew up believing in Hannah Montana…

How do you explain Miley Cyrus?