Breaking Point

I feel like the stray you let in, and regret having pity on.
“We have taken care of you. We took you in. We didn’t leave you on the street. We didn’t abandon you”
I can’t fathom how it got this bad.
“You think you know everything? Fine. Why don’t you just move out today. You don’t have to wait until you are 18. Just move out today”
Hollow. Empty. Cold. Adjectives that describe how I feel about you.
“I hope they enjoy the drama of the police”
Is this a game to you? When did I become the piece of property that you must have a monopoly on?

I can’t even tell you I love you. I don’t believe you when you tell me.

This is the breaking point. This is it.

You’ve lost me.

This bird has fallen, and now I will fly