Open Up

I opened my door just a tiny sliver,

To peak out, to look around, to discover, 

He found me and said my light shown, 

He made me laugh, made me feel at home, 

The trouble with opening that stubborn door, 

Is the more I found, it opened more and more, 

He has flew the door off the hinges by now, 

It baffles me and I am curious how, 

The one who I never expected to let in, 

Is here and amazingly seems to always have been. 


Music Madness

I am a kaleidoscope of music. As I grow older more depth is added to my color. My first layers were 90s songs I barely heard but can remember. Then I added on pop and rap music where I found my niche. Yet, it wasn’t for me to love, so I dove into the depths and found music most people don’t ever find, like the Smiths. Then I kept searching and listening and found Noah and The Whale. I have my chill out days and my weak days, when I turn on the slow anthems of Lana Del Rey. But I don’t always have slow days; some days I need a reason to scream so I pump up blink 182 and sing about first dates and how our parents can’t change us and put I miss you on repeat. There are times when I just wanna cry, and that’s when Kimya Dawson and the moldy peaches comes on because she is the first alternative band I found; she is home.
I have fallen deeply in love with music and have an appreciation I cannot explain for it.

Promise of Love

I cannot promise  everything will be alright, 

But I can hold your hand throughout the night. 

I cannot remove those bruises and scars,

But I can kiss away your boundaries and remove the jail bars.

I cannot guarantee the boys and girls will like you,

But I can show you what it means to love in everything I do

One came, One died, One lives, One loves,

True freewill is found in that, so we can fly like doves.

Evil is hard, evil is broken, evil is sad, evil is meaningful,

Don’t be afraid to admit you are hurting; it’s not shameful. 

Admit you are weak, for in that Christ is strong, 

And denying yourself can never be wrong.

Free Verse

Does one have to know the name of an artist to enjoy a painting? Or the name of all the band members and their kids to love the music? I fell in love with the world in You. Why is it the simplest things in life are the most beautiful? Hold my hand. That’s all the Beatles wanted, “I wanna hold your hand.” The simple hand holding of a couple is the most beautiful image of trust and hope. Yes, I fell in love with the world in you. Death don’t feel like a victor for my poor life makes you none the richer. Matthew 6 talks about storing our treasures in heaven instead of on earth. I have nothing on earth that won’t rot.

I fell in love with the world in you.

And now I feel cold.