Train Tickets

The stairs grew in number, or so it seemed, as Abigail began first steps in the wrong direction. A million questions flew through her mind all at once. Who will I be? How will they think of me? What have I become? Must I be the one?

Abby reached the bottom step and turned her head up the staircase, imagining the fast asleep and half naked husband she left behind. She imagined the small boy in TMNT pajamas that she had kissed on the forehead before she left. “I love you. Please believe me,” She had began her letter to her husband. Like a lake that dries up and cannot be filled again, her tears were long gone. All she felt now was a deep numbness.

“Lucille, are you coming?” Her escort called for her.

Abby, Lucille, Haley, Anna, Michelle. How easy it is to fade away from one identity and merge into the next when one is on the run.

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