I search for you.

Stumbling, crawling, in the unforgiving dark,

With no map, no light to guide me home,

I am simply a fool refusing to admit she’s alone,

Eventually I stop and just sit,

Stop looking, stop searching, stop throwing a fit,

After the tears are all shed,

And the pity party comes to an end,

I open my eyes,

and come to realize,

I was never in the dark at all,

But only refused to turn on the light.


With all the chaos of normality surrounding us, all the mainstream beats pushing down on you, making you conform, try to lay down here next to me (I saved you a spot). Let’s roll over, press our ears to the ground, straining to listen to the off-beat indie rock ringing out from the Underground’s loud voices. While the army drill sergeants yell commands from the Man, yelling about needing to think about money, thinking about practicalities, let’s share a pair of headphones and drown him out, out, out. Don’t wanna be like our parents, working for money, hating the system, yet bowing down to it from 9-5 faithfully. Let’s run away, if just for tonight, while we’re still in the land of ideals, the land of youth. The youth in my blood is screaming yes we can, the rebellion coursing through my veins let’s out a war cry I cannot ignore. I must take action, I must escape this normality surrounding me, I must join the fight. The fight for you, for me, for us, for love, for beating the odds, for all of it, is written on my heart and shines through in defiant eyes. Fill me with hope instead of doubt. Tell me we’ll be different, tell me we’ll make it, tell me we’ll make it through with no inch of cynical thoughts in our idealist brains.



If the two of us had met one quite, busy day in the pouring rain, 

Would our love have developed? Would we be the same? 

Running, bustling, in a hurry, would we have stopped to chat? 

Would you be sweet and charming? Would I be a brat? 

Next to a coffee shop, we could go in until they close, 

Being in college we could talk about what majors we chose, 

Laughing, talking, no where left to go, would you walk me home? 

while I’m not looking, would you put your number in my phone? 

Would I fall in love so quickly, like I did while we’re still so young? 

Could we go out with no limitations or expectations, could we have fun?

Would we still promise forever, would we still believe in us? 

We wouldn’t have the worry, we wouldn’t need to fuss, 

College could be, would be long behind the two of us, 

Nothing left to stop it; if I fell, would you pick me up? 

The Lost Cause

I wasn’t good enough, 

Didn’t care about your stuff, 

Couldn’t measure up, 

Looked at the half empry cup, 

And decided it was half full, 

Bought into the lies and all the bull, 

Kept searching, kept hoping, 

Turns out I wasn’t ready for eloping. 

Thinking about it more and more, 

I wasn’t exactly ready for what was in store, 

It wasn’t me who didn’t desere you, 

It wasn’t me who didn’t stay true. 

Turns out I’m the winner at the end, 

Yet it’s my heart that is still on the mend, 

When the movie ended, all could see, 

It was you who wasn’t good enough for me.