What a terrifying, frightening, thrilling, adventurous, emotive word. The very essence of the word is curiosity, suspensions, anxieties. Yet, it is so much more. The word is embodied by the breathy voice of a singer-songwriter, the beautiful paintings of an impressionist, and the words that flow from a poet’s mouth at a reading that make you feel and hunger and thirst for something, something more, something beyond. 


Love is all these things and more. C.S. Lewis talks about a feeling he experienced throughout his life upon reflection which he called Joy, capitalized because it was a yearning for another world. 

Love makes, shakes, changes, rearranges, flips upside down. Love is both awe-inspiring and terrifying because it makes and breaks us. For example: I am in love. This statement alone stirs emotions in all of us, wonderful and spiteful alike. 

I once read a book by a wonderful author. One of the main characters has a phrase he uses often: “I am on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friend.” What a wonderful, optimistic, idealistic way of viewing the world. How easy it is to appreciate an author who incorporates life lessens in his characters. Love promises us that even when the coasters starts to dip down and look as if it is going to crash, the coaster of love should, will, must go up again. Don’t give up. Don’t get off. Continue to believe, trust, hope, and look forward to the powerful imaginings of love. 

“You could live this way, or you could not. Or you could live this way, or not. Either way you win. But either way you will also lose something. I will always support you.”